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What makes KitchenMakeover.com different from other suppliers?2021-01-12T22:03:09+00:00

KitchenMakeover.com has the fastest, easiest, and most affordable cabinet makeover solution. Our production time is shorter than other suppliers. Our completed kitchens look FANTASTIC. Our complete kit includes everything you need from one source, so it all works together. The kit includes new doors and drawer fronts, paint for your old boxes, hinges, pulls, and tools to simplify installation. Our easy, online ordering process prevents errors and makes it easy to get quotes, place orders, and check delivery status. We make beautiful kitchens fast, easy, and truly affordable.

Are you Better Business Bureau BBB certified?2021-01-12T22:04:45+00:00

Yes, we are members in good standing of the Better Business Bureau. Click Here

What is your contact information?2022-10-05T14:43:04+00:00

Physical Address: 15002 Sommermeyer St., STE 100, Houston, TX 77041
Phone: 844-693-4954 (MY DIY KIT) Fax: 281-607-4402


What forms of payment do you accept?2021-01-12T22:06:03+00:00

We accept Visa, MasterCard, and American Express.


How do I know where to place the pulls on my door?2021-01-12T22:07:02+00:00

Your kit will include a door pull locator to help you drill the holes for the pulls consistently and vertically.

How do I hide the holes from my current hignes?2021-01-12T22:07:39+00:00

Your kit includes wood putty to fill any screw holes, a spatula to apply it, and sandpaper to smooth it after it dries.

Do I need to sand my cabinets?2021-01-12T22:08:07+00:00

For our paint to stick well to your old cabinets, you need to sand the old cabinets until they are dull in appearance, not shiny. We recommend sanding with an electric, vibrating sander or a sanding block (included).

What kind of paintbrush do I need?2021-01-12T22:08:36+00:00

Your kit includes a 1-1/2” paint brush, a roller, and a paint tray.

What tools does the installer need?2021-01-12T22:09:12+00:00

KitchenMakeover.com will supply everything required except for a hammer, scissors, and electric drill. If you have an electric sander, that will be handy.

What skills does the installer need?2022-05-13T15:13:51+00:00

An installer needs to be able to sand the old cabinet boxes until they are dull, paint the old boxes, use a hammer to gently tap the hinges into the new doors, and use an electric drill / screwdriver to install the new doors.

How have you made installation easy?2022-03-31T15:50:07+00:00

Since KitchenMakeover.com was founded in 2016, we have supported more than 30,000 kitchen renovations, and we continually work to make things easier for our customers. We kit all the items required for each kitchen. We supply locator jigs that align the doors without time-consuming adjustments. On shaker doors, we pre-drill for hinges and for drawer front pulls. On slab doors we pre-drill for hinges and if you tell us if the door is upper or lower and hinged on the right or the left, we will pre-drill doors for pulls, too. We offer installation instructions and videos (see Library tab). We provide all the needed hardware and fasteners, provide detailed destination information on the part labels, and package for easy product delivery to your home.

What if I don’t want to measure or install?2021-01-12T22:14:53+00:00

If you prefer not to measure or not to install, any handyman, painter or contractor can help you out. KitchenMakeover.com does not maintain a list of approved contractors around the country, but resources like Houzz can offer referrals.


Do you charge sales tax?2021-01-12T22:16:31+00:00

We follow the law regarding sales tax. As of January 2021 we charge tax in AL, AZ, CO, GA, IN, KS, MD, MN, NV, NC, OH, SC, TN, TX, AND VA . As we continue to grow, we establish economic nexus in other states and we begin charging in these states, too. Other states may have been added. If sales tax is due for your particular delivery address, it will appear on your detailed quote that includes door dimensions.

Do you sell accessories like hignes or pulls if I don’t buy a kit?2021-01-19T21:51:10+00:00

Yes, for accessory only orders please contact Customer Service. You can email them at [email protected].

What if I need extra accessories?2021-01-19T21:50:22+00:00

We currently do not have a way to purchase additional accessories on the website. Please contact Customer Service at 1-844-693-4954 or by email at [email protected] to assist with your accessory order. Please include the item you are needing and the quantity.

Can KitchenMakeover.com handle large orders?2021-01-12T22:19:55+00:00

Yes, our scalable manufacturing process allows for us to easily meet customer demands. We are a high volume operation. Please contact customer service or your sales rep to discuss your specific needs.

Is there a minimum purchase required?2021-01-12T22:20:27+00:00

KitchenMakeover.com does not have any minimum order. We accept orders for one door, one apartment, one home, or an entire community.

Problem Resolution

I am unhappy with my kit. What do I do?2021-01-19T21:49:43+00:00

Please contact customer service. Pictures of your concerns will help us to resolve the situation

What if my measurements were wrong?2021-01-14T21:26:34+00:00

If there’s an ordering error, you won’t have to wait long for your replacements. KitchenMakeover.com normally ships parts orders the same day, if they are received by 2:00 PM central time. Parts orders received after 2:00 PM ship the next business day. All of our products are custom made and, unfortunately, cannot be returned or exchanged. You will need to reorder your items with the correct measurements.

My package tracking says delivered, but I did not receive it. What do I do?2021-01-19T21:48:26+00:00

Contact Customer Service immediately to begin a trace on the package. Email [email protected] to call 1-844-693-4954. KitchenMakeover.com is not responsible for lost or stolen packages.

What is the policy on order changes, cancellations, and returns?2021-01-19T21:47:32+00:00

Order cancellations and edits are not guaranteed. If your order has not been sent to the factory for production, Customer Service will be able to make changes. However, if the factory is already working on your order, we will not be able to cancel or change it. Only accessories that are in original condition can be returned. All custom made products are not returnable. Please contact [email protected] or call 1-844-693-4954 to discuss your options.

I have a missing or damaged item. What do I do?2021-01-19T21:52:58+00:00

If you have an item missing or damaged, please email [email protected]. Please include the measurements and quantities of the parts missing. A Customer Support Specialist will research the issue and send a replacement. All claims must be made within 30 days of receiving the product. Please make sure to take pictures of all damaged items and the boxes they arrived in. It is helpful to include the label of the door in pictures when you can. If any accessories are missing, look for a long white box that may be hiding under your doors depending on which way the box was opened. The label on this carton will say “Accessories Inside”.

Do you offer a warranty?2023-02-09T15:20:55+00:00

Yes! KitchenMakeover.com is proud of our products, and we stand behind them. Your satisfaction is our goal. We offer a Lifetime Transferable Warranty on all doors, drawers and hardware.  If any of our doors or drawers fail during normal use, or a piece of hardware ever fails we will send you a free replacement.

Products / Doors

How do you clean the doors?2021-01-14T21:39:00+00:00

KitchenMakeover.com doors are tough and need minimal care. If they get dirty, wipe them off with a cloth dampened with soapy water, or use an all-purpose household cleaner like Formula 409, Fantastic, or Mr. Clean. DO NOT use an industrial cleaner like Goof Off or a citrus based degreaser, as these powerful solvents can damage the finish.

I don’t want my doors drilled for hinges. What do I do?2021-01-14T21:39:33+00:00

Order decorative panels instead of doors.

Do you offer custom colors?2021-01-14T21:40:06+00:00

KitchenMakeover.com makes paintable doors that are primed and ready for your custom color. Select the color “Paint-Ready” on our ordering portal. These doors can be painted with most types of paint, in any color you like. You can use a brush or spray them.

Do you drill doors for pulls?2021-01-14T21:40:38+00:00

On slab doors only, we can drill your doors for pulls. You need to tell us whether the doors are uppers or lowers, and which side the hinges are on. On shaker doors, we can’t drill for pulls, but we do provide locators to make it easy for you to to install the pulls, level and straight.

Do you drill drawer fronts for pulls?2021-01-14T21:41:24+00:00

We drill all drawer fronts for pulls, if you order pulls from us. If you would like to order drawer fronts that are not predrilled, order false fronts instead or select “no pulls”.

What side of the door will the hinge holes be on?2021-01-14T21:42:07+00:00

Hinge holes are on the height side of the door, or the width of a hamper front.

Are your products green?2021-01-14T21:42:50+00:00

Our wood products are recycled. They are made from the shavings and sawdust produced when trees are converted to framing lumber like 2×4’s. They are very green. We also use 100% renewable electricity for all our operations.

What are your Slab doors made of?2021-01-14T21:43:31+00:00

Our DuraBuild (TM) slab doors are industry standard, furniture-grade particleboard or MDF core surrounded by either a film laminate or thermofused melamine on front and back. We edgeband and laminate with a PUR glue that heat can’t melt. Our products will never fall apart because they are in a hot environment. Our doors match perfectly and have the same materials on front and back, so they are very unlikely to warp. We periodically test their water resistance by putting them in a dishwasher on a normal wash cycle. We offer a lifetime warranty against delamination.

What are your Shaker doors made of?2021-01-14T21:44:13+00:00

Our Durabuild (TM) Shaker doors are industry standard, furniture-grade MDF wrapped in a high-tech film laminate. We laminate with a PUR glue that heat can’t melt. Our products will never fall apart because they are in a hot environment. Our doors match perfectly and have the same materials on front and back, so they are very unlikely to warp. We offer a lifetime warranty against delamination.

Products / Hinges

How do I control where the hinge holes are drilled?2021-01-14T23:26:26+00:00

We call the distance from the center of the hinge hole to the edge of the door the “hinge offset”. When you are ordering a door, you can change this distance in the for any door in the “advanced options” section of entering that part. Our hinge holes are always consistently spaced the same distance from the top of the door and the bottom of the door.

What size hinges do I need?2021-01-14T23:24:07+00:00

Our system will determine the correct size of hinges based on the details of your order.

What hinge overlays do you offer?2021-01-14T23:27:16+00:00

We offer 1/2″, 3/4″ 1″, 1-1/4″ and 1-3/8″ hinge overlays for frame cabinets and 1/2″ overlay for frameless cabinets. Not all overlays are available with both standard close and soft close.

Are your hinges adjustable?2021-01-14T23:27:55+00:00

All of our hinges can be adjusted up and down, right and left, and in and out (6-way). If you use the hinge locator that we provide in our kit, very little adjustment is required.

Do the hinges in your kits work with all cabinet boxes?2021-01-14T23:32:43+00:00

Yes, our hinges are usable with almost all types of cabinet boxes whether framed or frameless. If your circumstances are unusual, please email a photo to Customer Service: [email protected].

Do you drill hinge holes?2021-01-14T23:29:39+00:00

Hinge hole boring is included in the price of the door. If you need a door without holes, please order a “decorative panel”, and no holes will be drilled.

What kind of hinges do you sell?2024-02-22T18:41:09+00:00

We sell hidden, european-style, self-closing hinges. You can’t see them when the cabinet doors are closed. We have hinges for cabinets with wooden face frames and for frameless cabinets. The hinges fit snugly into holes that we drill in the back of the cabinet doors, and you tap them in with a hammer. The other side of the hinge screws to the cabinet. We provide a locator so you know just where to drill the pilot hole to screw in the hinge. We offer most common overlay sizes with a choice of regular, self closing hinges or soft close hinges that provide a quiet, smooth close. Our hinges have a lifetime guarantee. if you ever have a problem, we will provide a free replacement.

Products / Paint

If I need more paint, can I just run to my local paint store for more?2022-07-22T18:53:19+00:00

We will provide you with the paint formulas to buy additional paint, however, we cannot guarantee that the paint will match exactly. Each paint mixer is calibrated differently. We recommend you buy paint directly from us.

Tell me about your paint2022-07-22T18:54:38+00:00

KitchenMakeover.com provides a high-performance, latex (water based) paint with a satin finish. It sticks to all kinds of surfaces, including metal, old oil-based paint, and plastic. It’s so tough that it’s designed for interior or exterior use and guaranteed against fading. It’s easy to clean up, doesn’t smell too bad, and can be disposed of in a landfill.

Products / Samples

How long does it take to get a sample?2021-01-15T15:14:48+00:00

Samples are delivered 1-5 days after the order, depending on location.

How much do samples cost?2021-01-15T15:15:22+00:00

Currently we are offering up to 2 samples free of charge. Each additional sample cost $14.99, shipping included.

Products / Packaging

How do I change my email for shipping notifications?2021-01-19T21:46:40+00:00

Please call or email Customer Service at 1-844-693-4954 or [email protected]

Can I request overnight delivery?2021-01-15T15:23:04+00:00

Because of the weight of our kits, we only offer ground delivery.

How do you label items and cartons?2021-01-15T15:20:17+00:00

We label parts so it’s easy to know where they go. Each door and front is labeled with whatever location description you enter when you order it, like “above fridge” or “below sink”. Each item is also labeled with the order line item. That means that if you measure your doors in order around your kitchen, you can easily lay them out in the same order after delivery.

How are orders packaged?2021-01-15T15:20:57+00:00

Kits include custom-sized doors and drawer fronts, hinges, pulls, paint, and other items ordered. The typical order includes about five boxes. Inside the cartons, the parts are wrapped in corrugated. The carton with your tools, hinges, and pulls is labeled “Accessories Inside”.

How much does shipping cost?2021-01-15T15:21:27+00:00

Shipping costs vary with destination, order size, and other factors. Ground delivery is free on orders of more than 20 custom-sized parts.

How long will it take to receive my order?2021-01-15T15:21:54+00:00

Our typical manufacturing time is about a week. Shipping time to your location depends on your distance from Houston, TX. Most packages should be delivered within 3 shipping days.

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